Developing and Executing Winning Strategies


First Promethean (FP) Management Research & Services is working with private and public organizations around the globe for developing and executing winning strategies since 2003. We work with our clients through highly customized models suiting their particular requirements; enabling them to deliver high performance.

We have globally certified resources in specialized areas such as Balanced Scorecard (Balanced Scorecard Master Professionals – BSMP), Six Sigma Master Black Belts, ISO Lead Auditors for various standards, Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals and Project Management Professionals (PMP).

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Publications Group

If you can stand on the shoulders of giants, you can see far ahead and avoid mistakes which others have made. This group is working on providing resources and solutions to practitioners in areas where First Promethean Group offers Consulting and Training services.

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Consulting & Training Group

Do you think you have the right strategies for winning? Are your second tier leaders/managers good enough to steer your organization towards the direction you want? We can provide you world-class expertise in critical areas.

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CSR Division

We all have to grow together; and we have to take the responsibility of developing our future generations. This group is working on various projects to help less privileged and develop management skills in school children including robotics.


Developing a good-looking strategy is only one tiny step towards achievement of success. We at the First Promethean Group assist our clients not only in developing robust strategies through Balanced Scorecard but also work with them in executing those strategies for success and market leadership. We also help organizations in reviewing how they measure their progress.


We offer training, certification and self-auditing capacity in various standards including ISO 9000-2008, ISO 22301 and ISO/IEC 17025.


Is your board making the right decisions? Do you know the risk taking tendencies of your managers? When decisions are made in your company, are all related risks assessed scientifically? Risk Management is the key to making smart decisions that are less likely to fail! We can help you model & simulate the problems that confront your decisions making processes and take only the informed risks.


True Six Sigma processes imply no errors. If you think a few hundred errors in your process are acceptable, think again! Errors have huge costs; in production, delivery, reverse logistics and most importantly; non-returning customers.